Cancellation Policy


Your money will be refunded if your class is canceled or rescheduled by Uber Mind Un, limited. Your funds will also be refunded if your request is made within 3 days of making the payment, unless your request is made within 2 weeks of your scheduled class.


If you are unable to attend a class 100% of your deposit(s) or payments may be applied to future trainings, products and/or services. If a newer class has changed substantially, e.g. adding or subtracting day(s), 100% of your payment will be applied to the class at the new rate.



Lifetime Support


In order to repeat training as a training assistant and receive follow-up Lifetime Support you must meet the following requirements.


1. Purchase and pay in full for NLP and/or Hypnosis Certification Training.


2. Get your NLP and/or Hypnosis Certification through Uber Mind Un, ltd.




Business Practices