Rates for Private Sessions and Prepaid Packages


On request you can receive a complimentary recording of your Hypnosis inductions.


It's your choice. Do you want a single session or to Save Big by Getting a Prepaid Package?


Session Fees. In-Person and on Online. 1 hr

Ideal for changing habits such as smoking and some eating habits,


 * 3 Session Habit Breaker          $525    Includes one 1-1/2 hr plus two 1 hr. Sessions

 * 6 Prepaid 1 hr. Sessions          $950

 * 2 Prepaid 1 hr. Sessions          $350

 * 1 One hr. Session                     $185


Session Fees. In-Person and Online. 1-1/2 hrs

Ideal for uplifting deeply rooted issues such as anger, sadness/unhappiness, fears, emotional pain, guilt:


 * 6 Prepaid Sessions          $1,275      Includes 6 in-person/online consultations.

 * 3 Prepaid Sessions             $675      Includes 3 in-person/online consultations.

 * 1 Session                            $250


Unused portions of Prepaid Packages are refundable by applying the used portions adjusted to the rate level for the number of used sessions to your purchase price. The above pricing applies to both In-office as well as online sessions.


Phone Consultations

 * $95.00 for each 30 minute increment. Minimum 1/2 hour.


Session Fee. In-Person and/or Online. plus mid-session Phone

Ideal for uplifting deeply rooted challenges where mid-session support is advantageous. Requires commitment to change.


 * 24 Prepaid Sessions        $3,597

Includes 12 in-person or online sessions lasting up to 1 1/2 hrs. plus 12 mid-session phone consultations lasting up to 1/2 hour. non-refundable


Payment Methods Accepted

Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, PayPal Credit, Android Pay, Check, Cash.


Insurance Re-Imbursement

Receipts are provided that you may properly forward to your insurance provider who can reimburse you directly. Please contact your insurance company beforehand to obtain the required approvals that you need.



How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Private Sessions?


You may see that you are feeling good results after just one session. Sometimes your results can be quite significant, You can experience long lasting results by receiving 2 - 3 sessions to change simple habits (Level I beliefs. Level II behaviors and beliefs may require more.


My work is very thorough all the way from the Surface level down to core values. My goal is to be most effective while keeping your sessions to an absolute minimum. Remember, there is  a process of discovery going on, Sometimes behaviors that seem to be simple and relatively straight forward are not. To be most effective at bringing about the best results, you should be open to the idea of performing assigned tasks between sessions, so you can enjoy the fastest, most desirable results.


For maximum success tasking may be required to maintain, and reinforce your realizations, Tasking is powerfully effective, because your tasks re-inforce your new learnings. Tasking helps ensure that your changes are generative, whereas new change creates similar benefits in other areas of your life. Tasks are usually simple practices added to your daily/weekly routines which form new and better habits/behaviors. You may at your option decide to get the benefits of receiving on-going maintenance and monitoring for a lifetime of results.



Cancellation Policy


If you can not attend your coaching appointment please inform us more than 24 hrs. before your appointment. A cancellation made less than 24 hrs. prior to appointment time and no-shows incur a cancellation fee equal to the lesser of the current hourly rate of one hour or 1 unit of a Prepaid Package.




Private NLP and Hypnosis Sessions

Rates and Terms