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  • What Is Hypnosis?


    Hypnotic trance is a very pleasant, enjoyable experience. In fact, most people and animals go into self-induce trances throughout their daily. Did you ever go into a daydreame, get engrossed in a movie or book or conversaton, or dance in a frenzy to music? You go into trance all the time. The main difference between self-induced ones and those guided by a Hypnotherapist is that you have given him/her permission to do so.


    There's a lot more. My clients those under stress particulary enjoy the peaceful relaxation along with guided imagery as they listen tothe sound of a my soothing voice. The goal of Hypnosis is to elicit personal development and growth in the individual through giving suggestions that directly register with your unconscious mind.


    It's important to realize that when you're in the normal waking you have a filter which determines which information you are going to accept or not and how to act upon it. During Hypnosis sessions much of that filtering goes away. As you return to normal waking consciusness new behaviors and responses are adopted.


    Hypnosis makes fast work of making change which can be pretty difficult when done on your own. Bypassing your filter speeds up progress. The best part of all is all you have to do is relax...


    Most commonly you are totally conscious during hypnotic sessions. Sometimes you just go to sleep as you accept the new suggestions effortlessly.


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  • What Is NLP?


     The co-founders of NLP noticed shortcomings in the practices of Psychology, Hypnosis an Linguistics for personal development and growth. They set out to improve upon the results that can be gained by developing new techniques and practices and by adding existing practices that were known to be very effective.


    NLP is a collection of very practical, personal development techniques, skills and strategies that can lead to excellence.

    Your use of NLP permits you to be more persuasive by better understanding and identifying the unconscious mental and emotional strategies by which people process information and make decisions.


    In NLP, we are interested in recognizing patterns which indicate internal processes vs. content.  I’m often asked what Neuro-Linguistic Programming means: we form mental maps of the world around us by


    Neuro:  As our 5 physical senses receive millions of bits of data each second much of that information is filtered out leaving a portion of it to be perceived for processing.


    Linguistic:  Language and meaning are given to the filtered information which is in the form of internal images, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and inner dialogue.


    Programming: People perform and act based on the meaning and language they attach to their filtered neurological information.


    Your internal processes affect everything you do.


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  • What Can Hypnosis and

    NLP TrainingDo For Me?


    Can you imagine empowering yourself to...


    Be more persuasive with others in your professional and personal life. Get through to people even more effectively.


    Supercharge your interpersonal communication through reading and using Body Language.


    Be more competitive and successful in your career. Achieve your goals.


    Be a better litigator or negotiator. Gain co-operation from difficult people and those with different backgrounds.


    Gain the edge and hone it. Be more creative. Come up with    better solutions outside the norm.


    Become a master of rapport. Better your relationships. Make  them more meaningful.


    Get control over your life, and have a clear direction. Be a better  manager. Develop a winning attitude with superiors and  subordinates.


    Be more productive. Eliminate procrastination. Achieve a state of high motivation. Convert negative attitudes, emotions and unwanted behavior into positive, functional ones.


    Be in control of your emotional state at any moment. Turn on   your enthusiasm, charm or any other useful emotion on any   occasion.


    Gain a natural sense of well-being, self-esteem, self-worth, self-trust that is your main focus as you meet new challenges. Have the best attitude to have about self.


    Be in charge of your life.  Become congruent vs. conflicted.


    Create a compelling future for yourself and those around you.


    Empower others as a coach or counselor. Be an agent of change – a leader.


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  • Why Get Your Certifications From

    Uber Mind Un, ltd.?


    In sales and business you can benefit from powerful yet easy to use tools for persuasion and influence. Use NLP’s Rapport, Body Language, Anchoring and Linguistic tools in all of your interactions.


    NLP Practitioner Training and Certification gives you NLP and Hypnosis applications that can be used in

    -          Business, sales and communications

    -          Learning and educational coaching

    -          Business and personal coaching

    -          Personal growth and change

    -          Performance enhancement and relationship coaching

    -          Strategies for buying, motivation, learning, spelling and falling in love


    Understand the basis of NLP. Empower yourself by taking control of the intricate connections between your mind, emotions, body and behavior. Some of the areas covered will be

    -          Rapport, Internal Representation Systems, Submodalities, Language Patterns, Anchoring, Strategies, Parts Integrating and more...


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